Spotlight on Success: Real Stories from Our Clients

Elissa Kelly

At Surya, we pride ourselves on delivering transformative coaching experiences that cater to various industries and roles. For privacy reasons, we've omitted the specific names of our clients, but their genuine feedback tells their stories of success and growth with our executive coaching sessions.

Financial Sector Insights

Representing elite institutions like JP Morgan Chase & Co., our clients have often expressed gratitude for our coaching services.

Executive Director, Major Financial Institution:“I feel very grateful for Surya... I am hoping more senior leaders, especially women, are able to make this investment and become even better versions of themselves.”

Tech Industry Experiences

With clients from giants like Google and SAP, we've gathered diverse feedback.

Head of Experience Center, Global Tech Company:“Surya is an exceptional organization... They have helped me to let go of mindsets and practices that no longer serve me.”

National VP of Sales, Global Software Corporation:"I enlisted the help of Surya when pivoting to a new role... Surya's team provided the confidence I needed to face the challenges ahead."

Insurance and Risk Management Voices

From our sessions with professionals associated with WSIA, we've gained valuable insights.

Participant, WSIA Workshop:“WSIA couldn’t be more thrilled with Surya... They skillfully led us down a path of self-discovery, shedding new light on leadership and coaching methodologies.”

Sales and Marketing Professionals Speak Out

Executives from Netcracker Technology and Nationwide share their journey:

Vice President Sales, Software Solutions Provider:“From the initial personality assessment through our monthly discussions, Surya has brought considerable insights... I truly enjoy bouncing ideas off them.”

AVP Enterprise Marketing, Leading Insurance Company:“Their ability to help me uncover the roots of my concerns... was truly game-changing... directing my energy in a more intentional way to achieve my goals.”

Legal Professionals' Feedback

From the legal corridors of AmTrust Financial Services:

AVP Litigation, Global Financial Services Company:“Surya creates an environment conducive to honesty, reflection, and focus... I endorse them whole-heartedly to clarify your goals and unlock your potential.”

In Conclusion

We invite you to be a part of the Surya transformation, and experience what true leadership can do for your orgnaization.