Transform Your Teams with Expert Led Coaching Workshops

Surya's coaching workshops are tailored to fit your team, not the other way around. We identify opportunities and craft sessions that target those specific areas, ensuring every coaching workshop drives real results and meaningful progress.

Our Coaching Workshop Offerings

Leader as Coach
Cultivate a deeper self-awareness and understanding of your impact on others. Familiarize yourself with various leadership methodologies and their applications. Develop coaching skills aimed at both individual contributors and team leaders.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Gain insights into the growing importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. Master the art of emotional self-management and group emotional dynamics. Learn techniques for effective conflict resolution and difficult conversations.

Work-Life Balance that Works for You
Assess your current work-life state and identify room for improvement. Develop a personalized plan of action to achieve a better work-life balance. Ensure accountability through strategic follow-ups and progress tracking.

Excellence From Within: A Strengths First Approach
Discover your top 5 strengths and understand their role in your life. Deepen your self-awareness, exploring your unique path to excellence. Recognize how your strengths can be both an asset and a liability, creating balanced strategies

Strengths Synergy: Unlocking Success Through Collaboration
Examine your team's strengths landscape, identifying individual and collective assets. Gain an in-depth understanding of each team member's unique strengths. Strategically fill in team gaps through strength-based partnerships.

Building Mental Fitness: Shift from Surviving to Thriving
Equip yourself with strategies for overcoming stressors, including self-doubt and burnout. Build mental resilience to handle both work-related and personal challenges. Improve your interpersonal relationships through enhanced empathy and emotional intelligence.

Why Choose a Surya Workshop?

  • Custom-Tailored Content: Each workshop is specifically designed around your team's unique needs.
  • Actionable Insights: We go beyond theory, equipping you with practical strategies and tools.
  • Experienced Facilitators: Benefit from the wisdom and insights of our seasoned corporate veterans.

Ready to Experience Transformation?

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