Silvia Llacera

Training & Development

Silvia is an accomplished professional in the training and development sector, boasting over 12 years of expertise. As an ICF-credentialed Executive Coach, she excels in both virtual and in-person facilitation, instructional design, and technical production. Committed to continuous learning, Silvia creates learning environments that focus on connection through shared experiences and wisdom. She values trust and connection, infusing her approaches with an element of fun as she believes it enhances successful learning.

Each day, Silvia takes pride in aiding leaders in re-examining their challenges and aligning them with broader life themes and values. Beyond coaching, Silvia designs and facilitates programs to help evolving organizations strengthen bonds and efficacy. Her work has benefited various industries, including collaborations with Adidas, Boeing, BlackRock, Emory University, HP, Mastercard, Paypal, Thompson Reuters, and Uber.

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